Women’s wear 

“I continue to appreciate all the help Briana provided in the spring and summer with finalizing the pattern, getting it digitized / graded, giving me so many leads for sourcing the fabric, etc.  I remain very impressedwith her personal work ethic and responsiveness. Briana works hard to get things done and make things happen with easy communication! No job is too big or too small for her.  She encouraged questions before action, and then explained why things were the way they were. As a new designer, it is so important to work with someone who can help you actualize your vision, and Briana’s patience and flexibility, is what makes her an Amazing Production Manager!


“Briana is extremely knowledgeableproficientorganized and professional in her work.  Thanks to her expertise and relationships she was able to get the missing links corrected on a timely and cost efficient manner. Briana goes above and beyond to make sure we are more than satisfied. We appreciate all of her hard work and dedication. She facilitated calls, tasks, connected me with businesses that could help my business get off the ground, and educated me on how to navigate a new industry. Briana has relationships with buyers, manufacturers, and resources all around the US. If you get stuck, she knows the way out. Briana has explained each step patiently,and has given me the encouragement to keep moving forward. ”


& Swimwear

“She is incredibly organizedknowledgeablepassionate and attentive, and truly treats our product launch as if it was her own.  I quickly was immersed with a great sense of comfort when meeting Briana, in that she wanted me to learn. She is very educated and experienced in her craft and it made it easier to listen because she knew what she was talking about. 

Every time I met with Briana, I ended up with a new “pearl” of information. It can be business related, marketing related, or just learning how to tell the difference from one fabric to the next!“


“Briana, would always take into account what my vision was but also give her unbiased suggestions and allow me to make my own decisions with all the information. She wouldn’t just say ‘yes’ to everything I wanted just to make me happy. And whenever she would say something was or was not a good idea she would always back it up with examples, photos or references.   Briana is a tenacious insider who loves to help people. I have yet to ask her a question she could not answer. I know that if I have to get something done, Briana will help me out. Her personality and expertise is what makes it a joy to work with her. She is very approachableeasy to communicate with, and accommodating.”